Monday, 1 July 2013

Street Art: Canterbury Oxford and Bermondsey Youth Club, Webb Street SE1

Over recent years, street art has become a popular form of expression in Bermondsey, and it's often found in the most unexpected places.  Not always everybody's cup of tea, street art has establish securely its place in the Bermondsey canon of art - and the number of pieces is growing by the day. 

This super example can be found in the car park adjacent to the Canterbury, Oxford and Bermondsey Youth Club on Webb Street SE1.  Unlike much contemporary art, it communicates clearly images and messages that can be understood my many: pride, passion, faith  and optimism; knowing our place in history; respect for founders and funders; and of course, local sites of interest.  Get down to Webb Street and see it for yourself.

According to the Southwark Council website, the club offers 'a range of activities and facilities including pool, snooker, table tennis, board games, arts and crafts, basketball, uni-hockey, badminton, games consoles and computers'.

More information:

Address: 3 Webb Street, London SE1

Telephone: 020 7231 9249
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 5.30pm to 8.30pm

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