Thursday, 30 January 2020

Why they don’t get it (No.2): They hate themselves

Whether it’s flying the Union Flag or saying they’re British and proud of it, the middle-class liberal elite hate our country. They loathe its past and believe so little in its future, that they’ll do anything to talk it down, undermine and destroy it.

Since the Sixties, they’ve worked tirelessly to deconstruct centuries held notions of patriotism that once bound together our nation and the identity of generations of the British people. In schools and colleges and across the public sector, they’ve instilled in decent Brits a sense of shame for simply loving their country and believing it’s the best in the world. Driven by the doctrines of cultural relativism, inclusion and diversity and multi-culturalism, patriotism has been become a dirty word and seen as offensive.

One of the key reasons Labour has been trounced in election after election over the past decade?  Loving Cuba, Palestine and just about every other extremist regime around the world, it hates viscerally Britain and England (and isn’t afraid to show it).  Together with the rest of the regressive Left, it detests the views and values of its own core hardworking voters - those who wrap themselves up in everything that’s best about their country: family, faith and flag.  Remember the disdain with which Emily Thornberry held working-class white van man for flying the St George's Cross from his family home? 

Some on the right haven’t been much better. Who could forget David Cameron’s description of Brexit supporters as swivel-eyed loons?

Well, those core and once tribal Labour voters, along with a rainbow coalition of others, have stuck up two fingers to the liberal-elite rogues' gallery of Abbott, Blair, Corbyn, Miller, Milliband, Umunna and a myriad of others.
Here’s some advice for them all: fly the flag, sing the national  anthem and talk Britain up. They won’t, of course...