Monday, 30 December 2019

Why they don’t get it (No.1): They deny democracy

When 17.4 million people vote for something in a referendum in the knowledge that the government will, and I quote, ‘carry out what you decide’, politicians ignore them at their peril. When the liberal-elite mounts a three-and-a-half year long campaign (Project Fears and Lies Mark Two) to bully the population into electoral submission, do not underestimate the hitherto quiet voices of ordinary, decent working-class people.

Using Orewellian doublespeak, they told us that a People’s Vote would settle the issue once and for all, as though the people hadn’t already voted once, twice and now three times to leave the EU. Thornberry, Umunna, Grieve and their pompously privileged chums lied through their collective teeth that only a second referendum (sorry, Dominic, my old bean: a ‘final say’) would do - one, of course, that the elite parliamentarians attempted to gerrymander by proposing the broadening of the political franchise to include UK resident EU citizens. However, their weasel words were so transparent, the people saw them for what they were - lies designed to overturn the democratically expressed wishes of nearly 18 million people.

The result? Simple speech, rather than deception, won the day: Leave Means Leave; Get Brexit done; We voted to leave and we knew what we were voting for. They thought that 
Leavers wouldn’t turn out and vote again and again - but we did. Problem is, the Remainer elite were so full of anger, prejudice and hate, they couldn’t hear good and decent Brits from Bermondsey to Bolsover speaking with clarity.  Now, they wonder why they lost December’s general election!  Oh, and Chuka, Jo and Anna: There’s nothing liberal or democratic about blocking Brexit, darlings.

Deluded? Yes. Democratic? No. They just don’t get it.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Happy Christmas, Happy Brexmas!

On Thursday 12th December, the British people spoke for a third time, delivering a straightforwardly simple verdict: Get Brexit Done.

So, to those who just didn’t get it (including Corbyn and his working-class-hating gang of dangerous extremists) in the 2016 referendum and 2017’s General Election, or after the resoundingly decisive result in this year’s election to the European Parliament, we say one thing: Happy Brexmas and a Happy New Year! 

Saturday, 20 February 2016

It's time to take control of Bermondsey again!

With today's announcement that the EU Referendum will be held on Thursday 23rd June 2016, how should the people of Bermondsey and the rest of Britain cast their votes?

Well, no one can say it better than our Europeans friends:

A parasi!

Now is our chance to regain Britain's sovereignty and make our country truly democratic and great again.  It's time to ensure that our laws are decided by the people we choose to serve us in the UK Parliament, not the Eurocrats on the Brussels gravy train. 

Ignore David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and and the Establishment elite: Vote Leave!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Have EU been had? Why it's time to Vote Leave.

It's the sort of song Stanley Holloway would have sung while jumping jauntily down a Victorian East End terraced street festooned with cheery cockney types, cheering old Stanley on his way : 'Have you eva' been 'ad?  'Ave you 'eva been 'ad?  Tell me, David, 'ave you 'eva been 'ad?'.  Worryingly for David Cameron, Bermondsey working class people are singing a blunt refrain: "You've been well and truly had, Dave my son!" - and that should worry our Prime minister very much indeed.

The campaign to leave the European Union started the moment Mr Cameron launched today his renegotiation deal in the House of Commons.  But is remaining in the EU good for Britain or bad for Bermondsey?  There's a feeling that Britain has 'been had' by unelected Eurocrats offering us a sop to convince us to stay.  The truth is that Cameron's renegotiation deal is not worth the paper it is written on: it fails to address why Britain is ruled from Brussels and does nothing to give back control of our economy and our democracy to the UK Government - in the words of MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, it's 'pretty thin gruel'.

Over the coming months we will reveal why Bermondsey men and women should vote en masse to leave the EU.  The uber-liberal elite will be out in force, desperately trying to shame us into hiding what we really think and feel about the EU.  We'll be described as prejudiced and antediluvian.  But, working people do not need to be cowed anymore, for we know that leaving the monster that is the EU is about much more than immigration.  Bob Crow, former left-wing leader of the RMT union, and the former Labour Cabinet minister Tony Benn knew exactly how the EU hurts hardest Britain's working class people, and weren't afraid to say so - neither should we be. 

We must tell of our love of Europe and Europeans, as well as sharing our loathing of the European Union.  Time's up at the EU bar.  Cameron, Corbyn and the rest think EU've been had - show them they're wrong and join the campaign to Vote Leave.
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