Saturday, 13 July 2013

This week in Bermondsey...

Bermondsey celebrated in style Andy Murray's three set to nil thrashing of Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon last Sunday. In true Bermondsey fashion, windows were festooned proudly with union flags, and parties were held in the many local pubs, restaurants and bars.

Down at More London with views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, the citizens of Bermondsey celebrated with people from all over the country, as they watched on a large screen Murray storm to victory.   The atmosphere was electric!
It really was a case of hats on, tops off and drinks in hand!

Even Canary Wharf across the river joined in with the fun, set ablaze by the evening Bermondsey sun. 
For others though, the heat and the excitement were both a bit too much, as they cooled down splashing around in More London's many fabulous fountains.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp announced its move to Bermondsey at London Bridge's 'Baby Shard' building - surely this has to be good news for London Bridge City? 

Fly tipping continues to be a growing concern in the Bermondsey area, with little sign of the problem abating.  From Bermondsey South station to Shad Thames, some residents and businesses still fail to understand that the council provides an easy way of collecting unwanted items - for free. 

While Southwark Council can be sometimes quick to respond to individual cases, it has not yet demonstrated an understanding of how to implement a comprehensive strategy to solve the problem.

Nearly a week on from the start of our blog and Twitter campaign, Bermondsey underground station still resembles something out of a rubbish tip horror film.

With dirty pavements and rubbish bags strewn everywhere, Southwark Council continues to neglect its responsibility to keep the public realm clean.  The good news is that councillors Neil Coyle and Graham Neale agree with us.  Will we see some action soon?

And finally, a big thank you to Southwark Council for the many many beautiful hanging baskets decking out the blossoming streets of Bermondsey, and not just on Bermondsey Street!  You see, they can do something right!

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