Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Instead of listening to Bermondsey, Jeremy Corbyn is tearing Labour apart

And so Labour's Loony-left fringe is planning to launch a takeover bid.  But, of what?  Certainly not the country, as the people of the United Kingdom have rejected resoundingly the politics of extreme Left and Right at every General Election since the creation of the Universe.  In May's national poll, fewer than 100,000 people voted for a hard Left alternative - hardly a ringing endorsement for nationalisation, high taxes and more days lost to strike action. 

Yes, cuddly, fluffy, deluded Left-wing extremist MP Jeremy Corbyn wants to rule over Bermondsey.  His stock continued to rise inexorably today as his arch-nemesis former Prime Minister Tony Blair set out his stall: Labour cannot win from the Left.  But is anyone listening in or to the Labour Party? Bermondsey has switched off - it voted for Coyle, not Khrushchev. 

Weak on defence and friends of Hamas and Hezbollah, Corbyn and his Commie crew couldn't organise a booze up in a Bermondsey brewery (and thanks to Britain's competitive economy there are plenty to choose from).  But, who is speaking out against this lunacy?  Fellow leadership contenders Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper present predictably a complicit silence in the face of Corbyn's creed.  Why?  So they'll pick up his second preference votes.  It's a shame that our new MP Neil Coyle 'leant' his support to Corbyn - if he hadn't the Labour Party might stand a chance in 2020 or even 2025 for that matter.  As it stands, he and his fellow Corbynites have consigned the original workers' party to the sidelines for a decade or more.  Win or lose, Labour has been hypnotised once again by the well-worn anthem of, "We're not Left enough!"  Dream on comrades.

Still, they can all console themselves with a round or two in Bermondsey's Stanley Arms, an uber-liberal-chattering-classes-free-zone, where they'll hear what real people think on crime, taxation, immigration, the NHS and their beloved European Union.  The question is: will they listen?

Oh, and Jeremy, don't forget to turn out the Stanley's lights when you've destroyed everything we've spent decades building.

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