Tuesday, 5 August 2014

"When you go home tell them of us and say: for your tomorrow we gave our today."

After last night's vigil at Southwark Cathedral,  tonight at 10 o'clock the Bermondsey community came together at the West Lane war memorial to reflect upon and mark the centenary of Britain entering the First World War.
West Lane war memorial
Led by Father Richard Norman from St Mary's Rotherhithe, men, women and children gathered in a solemn commemoration of the so called 'war to end all wars'.  With readings by politicians, ministers and members of the armed forces, this special act of remembrance united all parts of our community.
At 11pm one hundred years ago to the day, the British government declared war on Germany after an ultimatum to a war hungry German nation expired.  At 11 o'clock tonight, homes all over Bermondsey recreated a wartime blackout as part of the national Lights Out event.
The simple act of extinguishing all lights in homes across the nation, was symbolic on many levels: the 'lamps going out all over Europe'; lives lost in their tens of millions; families and nations devestated; lives changed forever.  But, by keeping one candle ablaze, we keep alive hope for and faith in our world in darkness.

Women, men and children: heroes all.  The world will remember them.  Bermondsey will remember them.  We will remember them... 
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