Friday, 4 July 2014

The Bermondsey Review: 'Affordable art' should be affordable

Contemporary art divides people; but there’s one thing we
can all agree on - an ‘affordable art exhibition’ should at least
be affordable. 
Looking for a piece of modern art to adorn the humble
homestead, the Beach attended the private view of the
Affordable Arts Exhibition Vol XI at Trispace Gallery in
Bermondsey’s Biscuit Factory.  Met by a wave of youthful
enthusiasm, hopes were high that the price tag would match
the average artist’s age. Sparkling hubcaps, surreal images
of landscapes and recycled bits of metal suggested that
bargains were for the taking.  
'Bhuru Rababa (2013)' by Trymore Sengai - £850
However, even the locally-brewed Kernal stout could not
wash away the bad taste and disbelief on discovering the
cost of these glorified bits of trash posing as art.  Unable to
afford even another beer, the exit seemed the most inviting
'Pig Man' by Nicola Morrell - £1300
But turning a corner, the Beach discovered a range of
deeply personal paintings presided over by artist Martial
Durou.  With an eloquence to match his arresting images,
Durou restored faith with paintings of around a quarter of the
price of the rest of the exhibition.  His passion, integrity and
yes, the price, points to where the affordable arts exhibition
should be for volume XII.
'Fallen Angel' by Martial Durou


Trispace Gallery -

Martial Durou (artist) -


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