Thursday, 22 May 2014

All People's Party - A party that 'all people' are not invited to.

Perhaps the fundamental problem with the All People's Party is that it is a party that 'all people' are not invited to.  In fact, for a new political party that claims that it is 'fighting for equality at the top', the absence of white working-class faces on its list of candidates is quite telling: in its present form, the APP is emphatically and demonstrably not a party for all people in Bermondsey!

Do you know any other parties like this? You know, parties that field candidates from one ethnic group? And, in today's inclusion-obsessed society (as long as it's the right brand of inclusion you understand), what would the über-liberal-media-dominating-chattering-classes brand such a party? Exclusive? Unacceptable? Racist? Evil? They would protest aggressively, throwing eggs and insults at their candidates and supporters.  However, the streets of Bermondsey and Southwark are currently a liberal egg-free zone.  And the voices and views of the anti-populist über-liberals? Not a whisper, not a word!  For it is too dangerous it seems to critique the All People's Party.
Sadly, in parts of 'new Bermondsey', it is fashionable to label as racist anyone expressing patriotic views.   While it's OK for those who can afford it to wave their union flags from the front row of the Andy Murray Wimbledon finals, whilst nearly choking as they feast on punnets of M&S strawberries, it's classed as 'disturbing' and 'dangerous' for Bermondsey men and women to drape from their balconies the red-white-and-blue for no other reason than a deep love for their country.  Common sense tells you that this is not extremism or anything to be ashamed of; those in the right-on liberal media should know better that to peddle the lie that it is.  But, the real extremists, including the left-wing extremist-run-riot Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (Dave Nellist's latest Trotskyite political vehicle), the New Liberal Bigots (who destroy the reputations of those who have the temerity to disagree with their dangerously politically-correct and illiberal dogma) and our own All People's Party, get off all extremist charges scot-free!
Extremism is worrying in all its forms, and the All People's Party is no exception.  The APP was founded by a group of disgruntled former Labour politicians, who rather than stay in their party and argue for change from the inside, decided to set up their own, but this time on racially divisive lines.  They aim to fast-track themselves to power on the back of their grudges with the Southwark Labour party.  The problem is that the APP and Labour have one thing in common when it comes to so-called extremists: they both stop short of using the R-word.  While the APP allude to the 'racist' attitudes and behaviour of their former Labour bedfellows, but refrain from making direct accusations of racism, the Labour Party refuses to use the R-word to dismiss UKIP because they fear insulting many of their own core working-class supporters.  Synthetic anger on both sides perhaps? 

Although it may feel that we are more able to talk about race today, don't be seduced by this lie.  While the APP is allowed to promote its own form of exclusion at best and prejudice at worst, others including the ordinary  Bermondsey man and woman in the street are branded racists and discriminated against for simply mentioning the R-issue.
Question the omission from immigration figures of 250000 immigrants by the previous government? Racist! Support the reduction of immigration by the coalitionBNP lover! Want to renegotiate the EU treaties or free movement of people across Europe and payment of UK benefits to children living abroad? Outrageous! But, promote discrimination against and the exclusion of working-class white candidates, whilst aiming your message at predominantly black members of the electorate?  That's perfectly OK.  Question it, and out crawl the über-liberals from the woodwork, with a battery of one-word put-downs at the ready.
By promising equality at the top (at the expense of others) in exchange for our vote, the APP is taking advantage of we members of Southwark's minority ethnic communities, so that they can sit at the top table and eat cake.  It's deplorable.  And, if we choose not to vote the 'right way', our ability to make rational political choices is patronised, as we are labelled 'apologists' for racists.  What? So, now after hundreds of years of slavery, oppression and struggle, they want to tell us how to vote, too!

 To grant the APP some credit, they recently informed @BermondseyBeach on Twitter that 'Most, if not all our candidates are working class people. We will make sure everyone has a voice at the top'.  The APP has missed a trick here and a real opportunity at grasping  true political power: it should be a party championing working class people from all ethnic communities, including white.  Sadly, because of their exclusive policies and non-representative candidate list, they will sparkle a little, fizzle, pop and then die out - like UKIP.
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