Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Curious Case of the Mattress up a Tree: The Fly-tipping Apologist's Mantra

Perhaps they didn't mean to do it, just an unfortunate accident, something completely out of their control. 
Perhaps they slipped and fell on a bar of soap then lost their grip and hold. 
The scene of the crime: the tree at Messenger Court, Spa Road, SE16
Erm... maybe the mattress flew out of their hands, all slippery and slithery and gone!
Um... maybe they took their adoring gaze from their kids, while Jemima and Johnny jettisoned it from their home.

"I threw the mattress out of my window because..."
SOLUTION No.1: identify the tenant and terminate their tenancy...
I don't think they knew the rules - unaware that Southwark Council collects double-bed mattresses for free.

I don't think they could read the signs, or the mailshots, or the full page ads in Southwark News - that's the key!

I've got it! The council don't collect often enough; there's no space in their flat; they didn't learn to read!
I've got it! The leaflet should've been translated into 204 languages, then they'd have known and taken heed!
Day in, day out at Rouel Road, SE16.
Could it be their upbringing - their gender, their ethnicity or class?
Or could it be that they were simply stressed out after a long day bringing in the brass?
The Neckinger Estate, Enid Street - perhaps a £1000 fine would stop this?
Surely it's not that they're stupid or selfish or thoughtless or mercenary?
Surely it's not that they don't care about Spa Road, themselves, their homes or Bermondsey?
Flytipping inside Dockley Road Industrial Estate
- the Christmas tree and mattress have been in situ for 2 years!
Some locals care enough to challenge this menace that's blighting our land;
But, we can't just leave it to freeholders, landlords and politicians - our community must take a real stand:
Left by St James' church, Thurland Road, SE16

It's time for excuses to cease; it's time for the law to bite;
For only prosecution and consequences can stop them, this army of flytippers who treat the mattress as a kite.

The offending mattress - now lying on the ground at Messenger Court SE16
When will it be collected?

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  1. A brilliant post that made me laugh a lot. But it also carries a serious point about the blight on our land which is fly-tipping. This deserves to go viral and be seen by as many people as possible - especially the councillors! Well done