Wednesday, 23 April 2014

#ProudToBeEnglish? Too right we are!

Trending worldwide on Twitter today,  #ProudToBeEnglish summed up in four words what many millions of Englishmen and Englishwomen felt today about themselves and their homeland England.  We love our country, past and present  - always have, always will.
Pie and Mash (Image © The Stanleys Arms, SE16)
There are of course those über-liberals who dare to promote a new liberal bigotry, cradling at its heart a visceral hatred of our nation and all it stands for.  You know who they are: you can hear them pontificating destructively about our nation everyday on the BBC Today programme and in a public sector workplace near you.  
Just how English and 'British' is the taxpayer-funded BBC?
They'll tell you that that England has never done anything to be proud of, but neglect to tell your children that we built an empire, created the industrial revolution and continue to spread our values across the world.
(Image © Wikipedia)
They'll convince you that its racist to even look at the St. George flag, let alone fly it.
They'll have you believing that loving your country is weird and old-fashioned - that being English means being anti-progress and anti-inclusion.
English football fans (Image © Marcus Vetter)
They are so blinkered that they cannot understand why  millions of people from around the world (including our relatives and ancestors) love our country, too.
So, here are ten reasons why we're #ProudToBeEnglish:
1. Literature - Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Pinter
2. The Royal Family - continuity and national identity
Coat of arms - Former Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey

3. The St. George Flag
4.  Ours is a green and pleasant land, full of open spaces and beautiful countryside

Hanging baskets at London Bridge, Bermondsey
 5. We are a welcoming and tolerant nation

6. The great English pub

The Grange pub, Grange Road SE16 - recently saved for the community
7. Democracy, freedom and justice
8. Hard working and generous people

Cafe and gallery on Bermondsey Street, SE1
 9. The arts, culture and entertainment
10. Our glorious history and heritage. 
English values: Supporting the vulnerable and needy
So, on this very special of days, pause for a minute or two to contemplate what Englishness means to you.
Happy St. George's Day!

(Image © Wikipedia)

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