Saturday, 26 April 2014

Vote for The Bermondsey Party:
Delivering a New Bermondsey!

Pledge 1:

We will stop Southwark Council from flytipping, and take a pro-active approach to clearing up our streets, including prosecuting offenders.

(*a simple policy that Southwark's politicians fail to deliver year after year)

Pledge 2:
We will give everyone over 16  a free shopping pass* entitling you to £500 free shopping every week at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre.
(*goodness only knows how we'll pay for it)
Or see Labour's 2014 manifesto:

Pledge 3:
We will provide free childcare* for every child in Southwark from conception in their mother's womb*.

(*this applies even if you don't yet have a child, but are thinking about having one - we believe in equality for all)

Or see the Lib Dem 2014 manifesto:

Pledge 4:
We will keep council tax low for hardworking people*, giving you more money in your pocket to buy beer and fags

(*Average Band D council tax bill will fall by £0.53 per annum)

Or see the Conservative's 2014 manifesto (if you can find it!):

Pledge 5:
We promise to ensure that 50% of all those who like the colour turquoise will be represented equally at the top*

(*but if you prefer the colour orange, we cannot guarantee you the same representation)

Or see the All People's Party 2014 manifesto:

There now follows a
Party Election Broadcast
The Bermondsey Party

Only The Bermondsey Party can be trusted with your vote.


Thursday 22nd May 2014

because #BermondseyDeservesBetter
(and pink).

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