Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fly tipping: Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Will Spa Terminate Fly tipping and Litter?
In the poky back rooms of Spa Terminus Limited and the plush office suites at Southwark Council Towers, there appears to be some confusion over just who owns and manages one of Bermondsey's few remaining business parks, the Dockley Road Industrial Estate in SE16.  The council denies being the freeholder and owner and seem not to know who manages it.  In fact, if the appearance of the estate is anything to go by, management is a commodity that is sadly lacking here.

We Bermondsey residents don't care  much about ownership.  But, we do care about our area and desperately desire an end to the fly tipping menace that has blighted our streets and alleyways for far too long.  Unfortunately, the Dockley Road Insdutrial Estate does very little to stem  the tide of this modern day epidemic.  As a direct result of their lackadaisical attitude, the view from Dockley, Spa and Rouel roads is a grubby one. 

Who is responsible for removing and recycling the mountains of pallets that build up inside the estate?

On which planet is it acceptable for a Christmas tree and single mattress to be dumped up against a wall (in full view of passers by) for over two years?

Does anyone care that rubbish and litter is carried by the wind out onto the pavement...
... making its way onto the street?
Are they oblivious to the fact that failing to keep the estate and its tarmac border clean and tidy encourages fly tipping and local litter bugs?

Some of these brazen offenders even have the chutzpah to empty the contents of their home waste bin onto the strip of private land bordering the estate; the council say they can't clear it up because they say it is 'private land'.  But, we have a suspicion that Southwark Council is involved in the estate in some way - as freeholder perhaps?  If it is the owner, then they are neglecting their responsibilities and need to change.

It's time for someone @SpaTerminus, the owners, the management company and the traders within the Dockley Road Industrial Estate to take personal responsibility and clean up their act - fast! 
We're proud of the business community that is steadily transforming the estate: from ice cream to Monmouth Coffee; from the Little Bread Peddler bakery to the well-loved Kernel Brewery.  However, the trade and reputation of the businesses will be adversely affected if the estate becomes known as a health and safety hazard zone.
So, Spa Terminus and the estate's managing agent and freeholder (whoever they may be!) must take responsibility and terminate this unsightly mess now.  Furthermore, it is essential that they put in place systems to keep the business park safe, clean and tidy.
While it is doing so, someone should cover the four manholes surrounding the estate...
...before a child or pet is seriously or fatally injured.

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  1. Hello Bermondsey Beach
    You are correct – Southwark Council are the owners of the Dockley Industrial Estate and we, Spa Terminus, have leases from them for four of the units. We also have a head lease from Network Rail for the arches from Spa Road to St. James Road.
    As tenants we are of course, responsible for our immediate surroundings but as we also feel a responsibility for the larger area, we employ a groundsman who lives locally who helps keep our site and some of the surrounding area clean and also clears the considerable amount of fly tipping that takes place on the site.
    We would be very happy if you could contact us directly so that we can arrange to meet and discuss ways in which we can collaborate in helping to keep this area of Bermondsey clean.
    Anita & James at Spa Terminus