Saturday, 9 November 2013

Support the 2013 Poppy Appeal TODAY at Bermondsey Station

Bermondsey never forgets to remember

In a post-modern world that is often cruel, cynical, selfish, and sans sacrifice, this November our beloved Bermondsey stands tall and proud in supporting the work of the Royal British Legion, and in turn honours in perpetuity the brave men and women who surrendered their lives, so that we didn't have to.
The Royal British Legion will be collecting today at Bermondsey tube station from 9am until around 5pm - you'll find them just inside the ticket gates.  So have at  the ready your donations; however large or small both coins and notes are welcome!  And so far, it appears that Bermondsey man and woman have been extremely generous in helping the armed forces.  Over the last two weeks, a dedicated team of volunteers have been quite literally overwhelmed and swamped with interest, smiles and ungrudging charity - Bermondsey at its best! 
In exchange for your kind support, the team will be giving away a range of products from The Poppy Shop: wristbands, bracelets, large car bonnet poppies, metallic brooches and wooden crosses.  One of the perks of giving is watching the heartfelt smiles and glances of passers-by, as they too understand the deep meaning behind such a simple and enduring symbol: pride, honour, courage and fearlessness.

But, it is perhaps the tradtional red paper poppy adorned with a green oak tree leaf that says it best.  Indeed, it is a little known fact that Bermondsey led the way in making the first ever remembrance poppies, so in giving generously today we continue a gloriously British tradition that started long ago here on the shores of Bermondsey Beach.

Bermondsey will join together in poignant displays of unity and solidarity in  remembrance services at churches and war memorials tomorrow, as well as the two minute silence on Armistice Day this coming Monday.

So, to those uber-liberals and naysayers who perpetrate dangerously the nonsense that dropping £1 into a collection tin is in some way supporting war and conflict, we say this: when Bermondsey forgets to honour and help the armed forces today, it sows the seeds of its own dishonour and destruction tomorrow - and don't you ever forget it!
Donate to the Poppy appeal NOW:
Every donation helps to support British Armed Forces past and present and their families
All images (except the church) copyright 2013 The Royal British Legion

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