Friday, 29 November 2013

What's happening in Bermondsey SE1 and SE16?

Bermondsey's Best Blogs

Bermondsey Photographs shows an interesting selection of images in and around the Bermondsey Street Conservation Area.

Corner of Dockhead and Mill Street, SE1
©Bermondsey Beach 2013
Not strictly a blog, more of a hybrid-forum, Bermondsey Boy is our first port-of-call for comparing images of places and buildings old and new, as it charts the changes in Bermondsey throughout the years.

©Bermondsey Boy

Offering faith, hope and love in south-east London, St. James' church's Canon Gary Jenkins' blog Bermondsey Vicar offers musings on the area from a thoughful Christian perspective.

St James' church, Thurand Road, SE16
©Bermondsey Beach 2013
And finally, try relative newcomer 'Bermondsey, my village', written by a member of the new Bermondsey gentry (and a lover of SE16, too).

Grange Road, SE1
©Bermondsey Beach 2013
And of course, our blog Bermondsey Beach!

You can also follow us on Twitter @BermondseyBeach.

Or better still, enjoy some of the best Bermondsey photographs and images on Instagram @BermondseyBeach.

Bermondsey Beach near Cherry Gardens, SE16
©Bermondsey Beach 2013
Whichever Bermondsey blog you read, we hope that you enjoy discovering more about the jewel in London's crown - Bermondsey SE1 and SE16.

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