Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bermondsey Spa Gardens:
We bloomin' love it!

In the words of Oscar Hammerstein from Oscar and Hammerstein's 1945 musical 'Carousel', "June is bustin' out in Bermondsey!"

While these lyrics were not written in their entirety by Mr Hammerstein, there is no doubt that both Nettie Fowler and Julie Jordan, if not even the reformed Billy Bigelow, would have understood the sentiment behind this 'Bermondsey' appendage.

The range of flora and fauna within Bermondsey Spa Gardens is a beauty to behold: roses of a wide spectrum of colours and scents; incredible indigo blue irises; hoards of hanging baskets bursting with flowers of all shades of pink.

Bermondsey Spa Gardens was totally revamped as part of the award winning Spa development, opening to the public in early 2006.  The park is so special that it was awarded the prestigious 'Green Flag Award' five times: in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

For those who don't know this Bermondsey gem, it contains: unique stone seating, lighting, a toddlers' play area, a multi-use games facility, a dog walking area, a 333m running track and the Ellen Brown Bermondsey Play Centre - and for afters, coffee and muffins at the park cafĂ©  are reasonably priced and said to be very moreish.  It's a place for relaxation, contemplation and meditation - or, simply perfect for sun-worshipping of the 'tops-off' Bermondsey variety!

So, let's all hope and pray for a summer to end all summers.  I know where and how I'll be spending most of mine: Bermondsey-style in one of the finest parks in London town.

Why?  Just because it's June, June, June!

                                            'June is bustin' out all over' from Carousel

Location: Bermondsey Spa Gardens, Spa Road, Bermondsey, London SE16

Car and bike parking: Along Spa Road.

Buses: 1, 78 Grange Road or 42, 188, 78 from Tower Bridge Road.

Map and Information:

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